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After a lot of discussion on the PIC list about ASCII schematics, Roman wrote a program that would draw ASCII schematics. I couldn't get it to run under Windows XP and being kind of bored on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to have a crack at it.

By default the program draws with * characters. If you click right on an existing element, the program changes it to a + sign. Otherwise it just draws with the * or whatever the current tool is set to.

You can (maybe) load existing files although I haven't tested that much. It can load its own ASCII files back in.

The drawing size is fixed at 80x24. The print and print preview should work. No cut/copy/paste/undo (at least, not yet). I didn't write an installer, but I did bundle the MFC library with it, so I think it should work on any 32-bit Windows.

You can right click on a "pixel". If it is a +, it will be changed to the current tool. If it is anything else, it will be blanked out. You can't right click draw (that causes all sorts of problems).

This will have to wait until I am bored again to get more changes :-) Well, I lied, I realized I left of the | and - buttons so I put them in for version 1.1, but that's it for now. Honest!

OK, I lied again. I put an experimental auto mode in. I meant to leave both versions up, but named them the same thing, so now the download has auto mode. If you don't like it, don't use it. I'm done now. Honestly I am!


-- 27 Jan 2002

Alright I was shamed into putting Cut/Copy/Paste in. Here's the deal: Use Shift+Left drag a selection out. You can cut or copy in the usual way.

However, to paste, you need to make a selection at the top left corner of where you want to paste. It doesn't matter how big the selection is. Just Shift+Left click and the press Control+V or Edit | Paste. Of course, this assumes there is text on the clipboard.

If you copy with no selection, you get the whole screen.

-- 29 Jan 2002

Version 1.4 has a grid and -- yes -- libraries! Shift+Left click somewhere and press Insert | Library. This lets you load a text file saved earlier (be sure to draw your parts in the top left corner before saving them as libraries). I've included a resistor library to get you started!

Version 1.5 fixes a few bugs and allows you to resize new documents (note, if you open a file or library, your document must be big enough or it will get chopped off).

-- 29 Jan 2002

Version 1.6 will fix the printing problem.

And check out the AsciiCadHelp page!

-- 30 Jan 2002

Version 1.6 has better help, 16 level undo, fixed printing, and an "insert text" tool. The undo may not undo everything so please report anything that I missed.

-- 30 Jan 2002


Sample components:

cap.txt - Capacitor

opamp.txt - Opamp

resistor.txt - Resistor

resistorv.txt - Vertical Resistor